Good news for those who have been waiting out the hordes at Eataly, that gargantuan Italian superstore adjacent to Madison Square Park.

It might be the freezing temperatures, the fact that the press has moved on a bit, or that certain items—like charcuterie from Seattle’s Salumi—are tough to find elsewhere, but hounds are starting to champion the place again. As jon says: “eataly may be filled to the brim with tourists and gawkers, but once you figure out how to negotiate the place, it’s not terrible to run in, pick up some protein, pick up some pasta, grab some cheese and meat and get out of there in 30 minutes or less.” That’s a change from the lines-out-the-door of last summer!

A superthread of sorts has been ongoing since 2008, well before Eataly opened, and we’re finding it quite helpful to navigating the place’s many restaurants and goods. As for whether locals have finally taken a shine to the place, nothing was so persuasive as this video—discovered by Eater—of a classical violinist playing Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” with a break-dancing, drumming flash mob. Check out the thread, add your own Eataly faves and horror stories, and let us know if you have any insider tips on that rooftop beer garden!

Eataly [Flatiron]
200 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan

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