El borrego de oro means “the golden sheep” in Spanish. And the Mexican restaurant El Borrego de Oro serves up sensational sheep. “The small, family-owned restaurant specializes in barbacoa estillo Hidalgo, that is, freshly slaughtered lamb, slow-cooked with hardwoods and mesquite for 8-10 hours in a pit built into the ground, covered with Maguey leaves then buried-over with dirt,” says degustateur. The result is phenomenal, says degustateur: “wonderfully delicious, mouth-wateringly tender barbacoa possessing a subtle, unique flavor.”

The barbacoa consists of various cuts from the ribs, legs, shoulder, and head of goats, sheep, and, best of all, lamb. Each cut has its own character and flavor, some leaner, some fattier, some crusty. On the side, order loose rice or beans fried in lard. The salsas are “absolutely outstanding, some of the best ever,” says degustateur, including a dark chile rojo and a zesty chile verde. Tortillas are handmade.

El Borrego de Oro [East LA]
2403 Whittier Boulevard, Los Angeles

El Borrego de Oro [East LA]
2808 E. Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles

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