sairuh reports that House of Kabobs in Sunnyvale serves fantastic kashk-e bademjan, or roasted mashed eggplant dip topped with Persian sour cream, chopped walnuts, and minted olive oil, served with flatbread. As befits the restaurant’s name, the kebabs are also good, though the chicken koobideh (with ground chicken) is much more juicy and flavorful than the plain ol’ chicken chunks. The kebabs come with a generous amount of buttered saffron rice and a roasted tomato, plus a yummy garlic-yogurt sauce, a smooth and spicy red sauce, and a less appealing one that’s vaguely reminiscent of Thousand Island dressing.

katya, who reviewed the place back in 2007, says it still makes her short list for best Bay Area Persian, after Pomegranate and Shalizaar, noting that “the rice in the zeresht polo (studded with the usual barberries and other goodies) was better than many places that charge $5 more.” (Here, it’s $11.) It has a good tart-to-sweet ratio, and nice moist chicken.

House of Kabobs [South Bay]
161 S. Sunnyvale Avenue, Sunnyvale

Pomegranate Mediterranean Cuisine [East Bay]
1585 University Avenue, Berkeley

Shalizaar [Peninsula]
300 El Camino Real, Belmont

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