Is there food that’s traditionally served hot that tastes better cold? Gravy, says ediblover. “It’s a bit sick if I think too much about it, but I like a lot of heavy sauces cold, since the fat congeals a bit and it’s really thick and creamy. For that reason I’ll eat a lot of sauce-based dishes, like curry, cold.”

“I love cold steak, just ripping it apart with your fingers,” says Whinerdiner. “I love it when you take leftovers home from a restaurant and have them cold, right out of the container, for breakfast the next day.” mamachef agrees. “Cold, rare steak will do it better for me than any sizzling chunk of protein I’ve ever eaten. Even better thin-sliced and served on salad,” she says.

Shann likes eggplant Parmesan cold. “When it’s hot it tends to just kind of melt away. When it’s room temperature or cooler, it has some texture. But the cheese isn’t as good,” says Shann.

“Hot corned beef makes the bread soggy, so if I’m having a sandwich I prefer it cold,” says bagelman01.

And goodhealthgourmet generally prefers hot food, but there’s one exception: apple pie. “Let it sit in the fridge at least overnight so that all the wonderful goo from the filling has a chance to seep into the bottom crust and turn it into a dense, chewy layer of sweet apple-y deliciousness. Remove pie from fridge, scrape off any excess filling, and go to town on the cold, gooey crust,” says goodhealthgourmet.

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