Lucy Ethiopian Cafe is a homey little place kitty-corner from Symphony Hall that could use some hound love. “There was a wonderful smell of simmering spices/cinnamon coming from the coffee ceremony room,” says fesenjan. “The service was very warm and attentive, and the owner (I assume) said ‘Ma’am, if the lentils are too spicy for you, tell me and I will bring you a side of yogurt,’ which was very sweet of him.”

fesenjan had the Addis vegetarian combination plate: yellow lentils, spicy red lentils (mesir wat), and greens with cubes of turnip. “I wouldn’t put it at the level of Habesha in terms of interesting complex flavor, but it is a great asset to the area, especially at $7.99 for a lunch combo with all-you-can-dip injera. I loved the injera which was nicely sour and of varying thickness (some similar to what I’ve had elsewhere, some quite thick—it actually led me to choose sections of differing thickness as more appropriate to the various stews in the combo).”

Pia tried the lega-tibs, “cubes of beef with green chilis, tomatoes, peppers, and fresh rosemary. The beef was a little chewy, but I loved the flavors in this dish.” She also calls out the unusually thick and tasty injera: “sour, in a good way. It was very thick and spongy, about twice as thick as the injera I’ve had at other area restaurants.”

At the end of peregrine‘s meal, there was a nice mille-feuille, “with alternating pastry and cream layers, reminding me that the Italians spent a lot of time in Ethiopia during the 20th century.”

Prices are on the unbelievably low side, $7 to $11 for dinner entrées.

Lucy Ethiopian Cafe [Fenway]
334B Massachusetts Avenue, Boston

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