Darul Kabab, housed in the spot that was formerly Banjo’s (and before that, a KFC), bravely opened up on December 24, and the hounds have been nosing around it ever since. The takeout menu says “A 100% Halal Concept” and promises Bangladeshi, Indian, and Pakistani food. The menu is huge, with dishes you’ll recognize (dal, samosas, tandoori, naan), as well as things you might not: koliza singara, a Bengali samosa stuffed with chicken liver, and fuchka, the Bengali version of pani puri, little hollow fried balls filled with tamarind, chili, potatoes, and chickpeas that are popped into the mouth one by one.

StriperGuy reports: “Hit it today. The food was well seasoned, very nicely spicy, and super fresh. Service was a bit slow. My fish masala had real punch and was great, so was the chicken liver fritter. The kheer was yummy, creamy, and good.”

“I’ve tried the seekh kabab (four pieces of spiced beef, nicely done) and the aloo chop (potato croquette with chicken),” says Boston_Otter. “Both were very tasty. I’ve tried to order the chicken liver samosa several times but they’ve never had it available. Their Indian curries are excellent for the money—my malai kofta was excellent.”

Darul Kabab [Cambridge]
2072 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

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