Overheard on the Boston Board

"I've always liked the masala dosa at Punjabi Dhaba, which they don't always have. The crepe is nice, crispy but chewy, and the filling is well-spiced. It is absolutely not as good as the Dosa Cart in Washington Square, NYC, but still makes me happy." – hckybg

"Update: smoked turkey drumsticks are indeed for the having at McKinnon's. They were hard to find, and the clerk at the register confidently informed me they don't carry any smoked turkey anything! Luckily since I had called in, I didn't believe him and found them in the freezer aisle (no, he didn't have the decency to be embarrassed when I checked out)." – fatty_mouthfeel

"For a dulce de leche for eating as opposed to cooking, also check out Capones (or Cardullo's but you'll pay more)." –itaunas on where to find great dulce de leche

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