The Battery, a British/Irish-style fish and chips joint in Brighton, is receiving inconsistent reviews. Some people love the freshness of the fish, pointing out that paying the extra two bucks for a fillet of haddock rather than pollack really pays off as you get a beautiful piece of fish. Other hounds complain that the skin is left on.

“In the UK, that is how it is normally done and I would bet it’s the same in Ireland. Those who don’t like it often reflect that it stops them from eating half of the batter, so it isn’t all bad,” says chickendhansak. Still others are concerned about the Battery’s method for holding fish for orders. It is pre-fried, and then put on racks in glass cases in the front of your store. When you make your order, they’re whisked to the back and re-fried, which can lead to inconsistent results.

The fries are universally reported to be a bit limp in classic British style, which some people love and others hate. “Perfect combination of small, crispy ones and larger, soft ones. They know what they are doing here,” says chickendhansak, who is a fan.

The Battery [Brighton]
379 Washington Street, Boston

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