I’m not a pet owner, so it took me by surprise when CHOW’s Supertaster, James Norton, mentioned that there’s a trend of “restaurant-style entrées for pets.” Intrigued, I did a little research on dog food, and discovered very intense TV-dinner-style meals like Wholesome Salmon & Brown Rice.

Then I hit major gold with a company called Merrick Pet Care selling doggy turducken in a can that promises to make “even vegetarians reconsider their pledge.” Would that be human vegetarians, hard-core dog vegetarians, or those poor pets that belong to hippies and really don’t want to be vegetarians but are by default? In any case, Merrick also makes reinterpreted classics like Grammy’s Pot Pie and Campfire Trout Feast, all described in high J. Peterman style:

“French Country Café: Whether it’s a corner café on the streets of Paris, a Cottage tucked along the French countryside or a trip up the Eiffel Tower with your significant other, they all spell the romance of France. This savory delight inspired by the many culinary artists from across the pond will have your dog begging for more in a heavy French accent in no time.”

Le woof woof!

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