Lemons preserved in lemon juice and salt brine are delicious and last for months (see The New Kitchen Staples). In “temperate California,” Melanie Wong keeps her preserved lemons in a jar on the kitchen counter for up to a year. “They’d probably last longer. However, by the next year we’re ready to make another batch and make an effort to use up last season’s,” says Melanie Wong. But whatever you do, don’t take them out of the brine until you’re ready to use them, because the brine is what keeps them preserved, says HaagenDazs.

These preserved lemons commonly feature in Moroccan tagines, often accompanied by olives, says HaagenDazs. meatn3 likes them chopped into a modified gremolata and rubbed into a whole fish for roasting. Salty lemons add a fresh flavor in salads made with grain like quinoa, wheat berries, or couscous, and they go great with pasta. “Any place where a lemon or olive flavor would be good,” says meatn3.

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