The BBC brings us this unusual tale of a man trapped by his own sofa, which had flipped over and pinned him for more than two days. The shaken senior citizen says he managed to stay alive by sipping from a bottle of whiskey, which had handily rolled within reach of his soft-furnished prison.

Disregarding small details like the fact that most people can survive that long without liquids, or that drinking alcohol will only hasten dehydration, this inspiring story is the ultimate proof of whiskey’s life-giving powers. No wonder sofa survivor Joe Galliott’s making sure to keep a bottle handy in case of similar emergencies in the future.

Unfortunately the article doesn’t make clear exactly how much whiskey a man needs to consume before he’s able to crash into a three-seater couch with enough force to tip it upside down in the first place.

Check out the BBC’s video coverage here.

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