E Eto is hooked on the sandwiches at Cedars Meat House, a Lebanese butcher, market, and lunch counter in Astoria.

Spicy sausage is the star, he says, delivering “a wonderful smoky, spice-laden flavor that continues to haunt me.” Shawarma, chicken or beef, can be dry or tough, but it’s saved by the fixings: tahini, pickled turnip, sumac-scented onion salad, and especially toum, the pungent garlic paste. All versions come in uncommonly thin flatbread. Two, at $3 or $3.50 apiece, make a large and satisfying meal.

jdream recommends the falafel and fried cauliflower, and beyond sandwiches, grape leaves stuffed with rice and ground lamb. “Fantastic!” he declares.

Cedars Meat House [Astoria]
41-08 30th Avenue (near 41st Street), Astoria, Queens

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