There’s been a lot of hullabaloo about who will cook for the Obamas, with Alice Waters slagging Bush administration holdover Cristeta Comerford for not being green enough, and former White House chef Walter Scheib defending Comerford. Well, I would like to remind people of something that will put this all in perspective. Remember the menu for 2005’s inaugural dinner, cooked by a more-to-be-pitied Scheib? Maybe his priceless quote will jog your memory:

“I’ve never had to create dishes that include soda, doughnuts and canned fruit before.”

That’s right, the administration asked Scheib to create a menu featuring the foods of 12 food companies that gave big to the Bush campaign. Coca-Cola was used to brine a Pilgrim’s Pride turkey, and Dunkin’ Donuts’ old-fashioned cake doughnut was the basis for a “sweet and savory stuffing.” Perhaps making W’s heart race as he recalled his 2002 near choking death on a pretzel, Asher’s Chocolate Smothered Mini Pretzels were paired with Krispy Kreme “Snow Balls” and a fudge sauce made of Nesquik.

Let’s put this tempest back into the teapot, Alice.

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