“I love grapefruit and freshly ground black pepper,” says chezdy. “Has anyone else tried it? SO GOOD! You cut a grapefruit in half and grate pepper over it—eat as you normally would. I also use the ruby grapefruits and love to drink the peppery juice left over at the bottom of the bowl…hmmm….perhaps summer will bring peppered grapefruit granita?”

mariacarmen has tried grapefruit with black pepper, and “the verdict is YUM. [There’s] something about the bite of pepper that goes well with the bittersweetness of the fruit.” liu tried it, too, and agrees that it’s great: “I was anticipating VERY weird, but it wasn’t weird at all. It was really tasty! I liked the bite of the pepper against the juiciness of the fruit. I liked the spicy crunch as it played with each smooth grapefruit section.”

“I’m not sure about grapefruit, but I do like freshly cracked black pepper on oranges, pineapple, or various melons,” says bushwickgirl.

Discuss: grapefruit and black pepper – am I the only one?

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