Deluxe Station Diner, owned by the same folks who brought you the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown, is now open in the old Newton Center Station. That station was beautiful to begin with. Designed by Henry Hobson Richardson (who is probably better known for Trinity Church in Copley Square), the trim station (here are pictures) used to be home to a Starbucks. Now the space is renovated, and lookin’ good.

sallyt says “the renovations are GORGEOUS—I have fond memories of the building when it housed Coffee Connection (ah, the 80’s) and it looks spectacular.” Oh, and the old sign that lights up when a Boston-bound train approaches the station is still operational.

Yeah, yeah, but what about the food? The same high points from Deluxe Town Diner are in evidence here: Pancakes are great, particularly sweet potato and chocolate chip. Waffles are similarly wonderful; the sweet potato waffles with pecans have won fans. The bacon’s good, the fruit salad’s good, the toast is well above par, and the home fries are crispy.

However, stay away from the omelets: “dry, hard disks with stuff suspended in them,” says Jenny Ondioline. Plenty of other stuff to order.

Deluxe Station Diner [MetroWest]
70 Union Street, Newton Centre

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