Sometimes you try a place and it’s so bad you never go back. Other times you roll the dice. “I wrote [Taberna de Haro] off after two bad experiences in which the service was poor and the prices were unreasonable,” says teezeetoo. But on another visit, everything was tasting so right: “The wine list is a delight: we had a gorgeous Priorat that pleased us mightily at a reasonable price. The Arroz Negro with cuttlefish was delicious and the Natilla pudding was a treat. We loved our white bean salad as well.”

Oh, and the server was charming and pleasant, a far cry from another waitron who apparently got herself a reputation: “it’s amazing how long a reputation can stay with a place, especially poor service,” says Bob Dobalina. “I have been reading about the surly TdH server for years, but I think someone pointed out that she was dismissed also years ago. Yet lots of people still reference and think of her as affiliated.”

But she’s not, points out the Taberna de Haro owner, terruñogirl: “To all of you who suffered at the hands of the ‘cold and surly’ waitress, my deepest apologies. No, she was never part of the ownership, but, well, it’s complicated… She has been gone for over three years now, and I’m astounded at how her reputation lingers! My current, sweet staff begs you all for an opportunity to be properly served.”

Kinda cool when an owner comes on to respond to concerns. Go, Internet! Anyhoo, now that that’s settled, MC Slim JB talks up the wine list, “easily the best, most interesting collection of Spanish wines in town,” while sdwr98 adores the fava beans with ham and the bread with goat cheese.

But the table treat was the mixed anchovy and olive plate, with sweet white anchovies. terruñogirl says that “Whenever Captain Marden’s receives fresh anchovies, they call me and offer them to me, if Tony Maws of Craigie on Main hasn’t bought them all, that is! We lightly flour them and fry them in olive oil, and hopefully transport you to Cadiz.”

Taberna de Haro [South Shore]
999 Beacon Street, Brookline

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