Venerable South End bar/restaurant Mistral has added a small plate menu to its bar service, and bacongirl2009 reports that it’s good. Prices are rock-bottom ($2 to $9), and bacongirl2009 says the serving sizes are correspondingly small, but the flavors are huge. She tried the black truffle deviled egg, potted foie gras, steak tartare, and duck confit with risotto, and the foie gras won: “It had the most amazing texture, smooth and silky and the flavor was perfection, savory, sweet, and salty all in one bite.” She does wish that Mistral would hop on the classic cocktail bandwagon, as she finds the wines expensive and the cocktails unexciting, but says she’ll be back for the foie gras if nothing else.

Lauren R. was excited to hear about the foie gras on the bar menu, because she’d had it from the dining room menu a few weeks ago and it was wonderful, served on top of duck-confit stuffed brioche. But at $22 a plate, she wouldn’t be able to order it often. bkizzl3 also notes that the service at the bar is good, with attentive bartenders instead of sometimes indifferent waiters.

Mistral [South End]
223 Columbus Avenue, Boston

Board Link: New Small Plates Menu at Mistral Bar

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