Me & Goji Custom Artisanal Cereal

Me & Goji Custom Artisanal Cereal

I Paid: From $8.65 to $14.40 for a 10.5-cup tube of cereal (shipping extra)

Taste: 4 stars

Marketing: 5 stars

It’s difficult not to fall in love with the concept of Me & Goji. Using the website’s interactive cereal-builder system, you create the breakfast cereal of your dreams. You can name it and even decorate it with a custom photo. Voilà! Vanity cereal!

Goji’s possible bases include things like choco granola, raw five-grain muesli, and goji oats; the mix-ins include such items as multigrain o’s, rye flakes, cocoa almonds, and ground nutmeg; the dried fruits include strawberry, banana, goji, and açaí powder; and the nuts and seeds include cashews, pine nuts, and sesame seeds.

After selecting the components, you get to name your cereal (it shows up on the tube that your stuff is packaged in) and, for an optional $2.99, have a photo of your choice printed on the tube.

The finished tube contains about 21 1/2-cup servings and costs between $4.90 (if you ordered the cheapest base) and more than $16 (if you went nuts on the expensive stuff), plus shipping. Typical cost is probably $8 to $12 per tube.

I tried making three cereals (my names): Krakatoa Hot Start (an oats-based hot cereal with cranberries), The Pecan Bomb (a choco granola/cocoa almond/cherry/strawberry/pecan confection), and Sunrise Over Mt. Fuji (with “samurai wheat,” a.k.a. mini wheats, plus coconut, apple, and almond).

They arrived in their tubes, I ate them, and the verdict is: All of them were tasty. It turns out that when you start with healthy, natural ingredients, it’s hard to screw things up. The Pecan Bomb had a sweet, nutty, substantial granolalike flavor; Krakatoa Hot Start had a lot of toothsome oaty chew and a bit of dried cranberry sweetness; Sunrise Over Mt. Fuji was a bit monkish in its stripped-down flavor but felt healthy as all get out … not a terrible way to start the day.

The costs were, as follows: Krakatoa $8.65 (plus $2.99 photo fee); Sunrise Over Mt. Fuji $9.05 (plus $2.99 photo fee); Pecan Bomb $14.40 (plus $2.99 photo fee). They all shipped together for $6.96. I think it was actually worth the cost, in that it’s premium-grade customizable granola-style cereal and it’s delicious. And it could certainly make a ridiculous gift, depending on the name and photo you selected.

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