Jerome, our resident expert on Austro-Hungarian cooking, has a favorite Austro-Hungarian chef: Lazlo. He’s followed Lazlo through several restaurants. Now Lazlo’s moved again, and taken over Maximilian’s. The food is all delicious and a bit rustic, says Jerome.

The menu has some classics: schnitzel; mushroom goulash, a.k.a. gomboc, made with fresh spätzle. There’s also palacsintak, Hungarian crêpes. The menu lists only apricot jam palacsintak, but you can request walnut and poppy seed fillings as well, or stick with gesztenyepure, chestnut purée on whipped cream. Transylvanian goulash and wiener schnitzel are both fantastic, says LMelba.

Maximilian’s is nicer than Lazlo’s old digs—more elegant, with friendlier service.

Maximilian’s [San Fernando Valley–East]
11330 Weddington Street, North Hollywood

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