It’s a thread title that several years ago would have started quite the hound hubbub, but these days seems to crop up more and more: “Sripraphai overrated.” Both driggs and missmasala insist that they only still go to the once-beloved Queens Thai restaurant because their children like it, with the latter complaining that she can never abandon it because “it’s one of the only decent Thai places with a vegetarian menu for my vegetarian daughter (tho the fact that they added a veg menu was in itself a bad sign, and a little fish sauce never hurt her, anyway).”

The virtues of fish sauce aside, it’s sounding like several Thai-food-loving hounds are slowly migrating to the well-reviewed Ayada, in Elmhurst, and avoiding Sri’s two locations. Queens residents and Thai aficionados, what do you think? Has SriPraPhai gone downhill?

SriPraPhai [Woodside]
64-13 39th Avenue, Queens

Ayada [Elmhurst]
77-08 Woodside Avenue, Queens

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