Don’t let the name scare you away from Strange Taste Cuisine. “The food is very good,” Chandavkl promises, “and not at all strange.” But neither is it the usual fare found in this largely Fujianese corner of Chinatown.

Strange Taste, open since fall, specializes in northern-style noodles, dumplings, and wheat-flour pancakes. Rounding out the menu are a few outliers like the Szechuan standard dan dan noodles (nicely done, scoopG reports) and a handful of Fuzhou appetizers. Prices are low, $4 or less for most noodle dishes, and the vibe is cozy and welcoming. “Great addition to the East Broadway area,” says scoop.

On Mott Street, closer to the neighborhood’s traditional hub, Shanghai Cafe comes through with a stellar specialty: shredded pork with dried tofu (xiang gan rou si), “one of the better dishes i’ve had in Ctown in a while,” Lau writes.

And for fans of one of the basic Chinatown food groups—the five-for-a-buck fried pork-and-chive dumpling—guttergourmet recommends North Dumpling on Essex Street, “not the best of breed but very good.”

Strange Taste Cuisine [Chinatown]
20 Henry Street (near Catherine Street), Manhattan

Shanghai Cafe [Chinatown]
100 Mott Street (between Canal and Hester streets), Manhattan

North Dumpling [Lower East Side]
27 Essex Street (between Hester and Grand streets), Manhattan

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