“I’ve tried dozens of the nouveau frozen yogurts cropping up, and while they’ve been interesting to taste and compare, none have been habit-forming. Culture’s product may change that,” says Melanie Wong.

What makes it different? Made with quality organic ingredients, including Straus yogurt, “the original flavor has a nice tang with more body and smoothness than cross-town competitor, Fraiche.” The toppings also stand out: Try house-baked, light-as-a-feather mini-meringues.

A seasonal special, tangerine, was Melanie’s favorite for its “bright and lilting citrus tones” that complemented the yogurt’s tang. Pumpkin, another special, has a lovely thick texture and subtle spicing. Dark chocolate has a nice tone, but may be too sweet.

A medium serving with two toppings is $5.49 including tax.

Culture Organic Frozen Yogurt [Peninsula]
340 South California Avenue, Palo Alto

Fraiche [Peninsula]
644 Emerson Street, Palo Alto

Board Link: Tangerine and Pumpkin: Seasonal Flavors from Culture Organic Frozen Yogurt

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