Fresh figs in season are ambrosial, but dried figs have their own appeal any time of year, giving sweetness and intense flavor.

LolaP is a fan of Italian fig cookies, filled with dried figs, nuts, honey, citrus zest, and spices. c oliver serves Marcella Hazan’s polenta shortcake with figs, raisins, and pine nuts with Greek yogurt. “I’m not a dessert person at all and I love this,” she says. “I also like that it’s so easy. Don’t even need a mixer.”

Pan de higo, Spanish fig cake, is a dense confection of dried figs and nuts that can be served as a dessert or an accompaniment to cheese. “It’s sosososososo good and wickedly easy,” says hotoynoodle. “It’s best after it sits for a few days,” she adds. “Shelf life is long, but not in my house!” CHOW’s Dried Fig and Nut Bars are another flavor-packed treat.

flashria chops dried figs, soaks them in brandy, and stirs them into melted chocolate and cream, adding coarsely chopped almonds, chunks of amaretti, and chopped stem ginger in syrup. Chill and cut into small pieces.

Dried figs enhance Brussels sprouts in eight_inch_pestle‘s preparation: Cook bacon until crisp and remove from pan. Add shredded Brussels sprouts and sauté in rendered bacon fat, then add quartered figs, minced garlic, and reserved bacon. When sprouts are tender and a bit browned, dress with lots of lemon juice. italy531 calls pork loin with fig and port sauce “very tasty.”

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