Rejoice all ye faithful: The Saturday Indonesian Food Fair in Duarte has returned, reports elmomonster.

There’s a backstory: For the longest time, many serious Indonesian-loving Chowhounds decried all Indonesian choices in Los Angeles. And then, lo, a great discovery was made: All the way out in Duarte, there was a large Indonesian community, and every Saturday, they held a fair, where you could get absolutely authentic, delicious, home-style Indonesian food from a bunch of little stalls run by community members. And then unto the Chowhounds a great tragedy fell: The Indonesian food fair was shut down due to noise complaints and lack of proper permits. And despair fell throughout the land.

But now there is wonder again, because the food fair is back! The proper licenses and permits have been acquired, and beginning January 17, the Indonesian food fair is rollin’ every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the parking lot of the Duarte Inn.

Indonesian Food Fair at the Duarte Inn [San Gabriel Valley]
1200 Huntington Drive, Duarte

Board Link: Saturday Indonesian Food Fair at the Duarte Inn IS BACK ON (Jan. 17th)!

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