triple creme is a heavy chicken-stock-maker, on the order of several times a week, and loves using chicken feet, “which contribute great depth, gelatin, and mouth-feel to my stocks.” Recently triple creme spied a package of dirt-cheap “fowl for stewing” at Johnnie’s Foodmaster.

“I asked the butcher if this would be a good thing to use in chicken broth. He replied, in an almost panicky tone, ‘That’s not chicken, it’s fowl.’ He practically said ‘Don’t buy that!'” says triple creme.

Au contraire, mon frère! “I always use kosher fowl and chicken feet for stock. It makes the richest broth in my book. The only thing I can’t get that my mother added was the unborn chicken eggs,” says teezeetoo.

Want to add those? Southeast Asian markets have them in their meat sections, near the chicken, sometimes packaged with the uterus. Here’s a picture of what to look for.

Johnnie’s Foodmaster [North of Boston]
45 Beacon Street, Somerville

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