Mayfair is kind of a strange name for a Latin market, says Jenny Ondioline: “given the anodyne name, I had no idea that this place—which I pass at least a couple times a week—was a Latin market!”

But it is, says StriperGuy, and a wonderful one, with “neat little things all over the store.” There are exceedingly fresh dried chiles in bags, reasonably priced. There is real cinnamon, not cassia, $1.79 for a large bag of “sweet and delicate” sticks. There are several varieties of queso fresco, frozen foods, plantains, plus StriperGuy found a strange and interesting variety of beans, cargamanto, a Colombian native. (You can learn more about the cargamanto, and other beans, on CHOW here.)

“The delicious tortillas alone are a good reason to check it out,” affirms Prav.

Mayfair Foods [Allston]
506 Cambridge Street, Boston

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