Marmalade is going to take a first-time oyster eater out, and wants to do it up right. Where to take the friend?

Neptune is an overwhelming pick, with a “well-chosen selection of well-cared-for oysters from different regions; so they could taste the subtle differences in oysters from different regions,” says 9lives. Neptune also has a nicely descriptive menu that lists the size and flavor profile of each oyster selection: “Great for a novice, especially if they want to start with the smaller ones,” says Rubee.

Speaking of those flavor profiles, gyppielou has always loved Island Creek oysters, native to Massachusetts, but in the past year has been getting meh specimens: “Whether it be the oyster, the handling of the oyster, the temp of the oyster, or the shucker of the oyster I cannot say.” rlh reports similarly varying experience with Island Creek oysters, but that the best oysters ever were Island Creeks at the East Coast Grill, described on the specials menu as “very stressed,” i.e. from a place where they had to grip tightly to avoid being washed out to sea. That tighter grip equalled a plumper, meatier oyster rlh has never forgotten.

Neptune Oyster [North End]
63 Salem St, Boston

East Coast Grill [Mid-Cambridge]
1271 Cambridge Street, Cambridge

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