A marshmallow-starved hound wants to know where Mallomars can be found in Boston, and fast, because they’re “in season” right now (Nabisco halts production in the summer because Mallomars melt so easily). They’re hard to find outside of the New York/Jersey/Connecticut area, and once they’re sold out for the year they’re gone.

Shaw’s Supermarket in Porter Square stocks the addictive cookies, and sells them at a great price: $5.79 for an eight-ounce box; way cheaper than buying them online for about $12. Mallomars can also be found at the Roche Bros. Supermarket and the Stop & Shop in Quincy, as well as at various Costco and Walmart stores. But when you can’t find the Mallomars, you should under no circumstances try less-expensive knockoffs, says sailormouth. “Pinwheels are no substitute, so don’t even go down that route. It’s a Hydrox/Oreo situation,” says sailormouth.

Shaw’s Supermarket [Porter Square]
49 White Street, Cambridge

Roche Bros. Supermarket [Burlington]
34 Cambridge Street, Burlington
781- 273-3261

Stop & Shop Supermarket [Quincy]
65 Newport Ave, Quincy

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