The underexplored South Bronx has gotten some attention from mrnyc, who lays out a spread of hound-worthy bites from Caribbean to ’cue. In a borough where Jamaican chow abounds, his current favorite is Kaylah’s Hut. squid-kun describes a friendly, cozy spot whose short menu includes homey, satisfying goat curry.

A few blocks down Longwood Avenue, mrnyc says, a Mexican grocery called Quetzal makes better-than-average tacos—head for the back of the store. Just steps away, at Longwood and Southern Boulevard, are Yosanty, a recently expanded Dominican restaurant and bar, and the humbler Di-Elles, which serves up diner fare with a few Latin American specials.

Down near the Hub, mrnyc advises, check out the hound-endorsed La Orquidea for Honduran and other Latin comfort food. And if you’re hankering for a sandwich, the popular deli in Borinquen Supermarket, a few blocks down Brook Avenue, puts together a decent one.

Over in Hunts Point, mrnyc reminds us, Mo Gridder’s turns out first-rate barbecue—“best chow in the point—expensive, but good.” By the way, Mo Gridder’s just opened a second location in the Bronx’s Little Italy. “I don’t usually associate trips to Arthur Ave. with pulled pork and coleslaw,” says vvvindaloo, “but I may have to make an exception one of these times.”

Kaylah’s Hut [Bronx]
805 Prospect Avenue (near Westchester Avenue), Bronx

Quetzal Deli Grocery [Bronx]
1023 Longwood Avenue (near Southern Boulevard), Bronx

Yosanty [Bronx]
798 Southern Boulevard (at Longwood Avenue), Bronx

Di-Elles Restaurant [Bronx]
801 Southern Boulevard (at Longwood Avenue), Bronx

La Orquidea [Bronx]
500 E. 149th Street (near Brook Avenue), Bronx

Borinquen Supermarket [Bronx]
436 Brook Avenue (at E. 145th Street), Bronx

Mo Gridder’s [Bronx]
565 Hunts Point Avenue (near Randall Avenue), Bronx

Mo Gridder’s [Bronx]
632 E. 186th Street (near Belmont Avenue), Bronx

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