The buzz on Chowhound about the recently opened Phat Philly in San Francisco’s Mission district has been less about the cheesesteaks than about the Chicago-style Italian beef sandwiches, deemed “pretty good” by displaced Chicago native pamf.

The beef, from Chicago, is tender and thinly sliced. The giardiniera topping (a mix of pickled hot peppers and vegetables) is Chicago-authentic, says P. Punko, but the jus, which should be flavored with Italian herbs, is more like a plain jus. It’s a very good sauce, beefy and salty, but missing that little something; the sandwich, while tasty, comes off more like a spicy French dip. Also, the Amoroso rolls from Philadelphia, while key to the cheesesteak, end up disintegrating in all those beef juices.

For cheesesteak, you have the options of Cheez Whiz, provolone, American white, or cheddar beer sauce. The beef is flavorful and onions nicely caramelized, says augustiner, but Absonot found it a bit too restrained: “They should be a little bit meatier, saucier.” That’s part of what augustiner liked about it: “The sandwich wasn’t greasy, and didn’t drip gloopy cheese all over my fingers.” But then he also says he’s not a cheesesteak guy.

There’s a pepper bar for those who want to put their cheesesteak or Italian beef sandwich over the edge.

Phat Philly [Mission]
3388 24th Street, San Francisco

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