While browsing the Food Media and News board on Chowhound, I noticed a thread started by alkapal stating that Waterford Wedgwood PLC filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday.

In a CBS News report, Kim Cotton of Tablewhere China Shop in the UK attributes the decline in sales of fine china, at least in part, to the fact that: “Young people are so happy to have TV dinners. They’re far more practical than my age group, where I always had a ‘best set.’”

Is she right? Chowhound johnb seems to agree, saying: “Let’s face it. Young brides today are not into china and crystal of the heavy decor type that those of our generation (’nuf said) appreciate. They do their registration at Crate and Barrel, not known for selling flowery patterns with gold rims and heavy cut glass. Times, and tastes, change.”

But MakingSense argues that “the prices for the ‘good stuff’ usually aren’t much different from the trendy things that I see on the gift registers,” and that “things are ALWAYS tight … If you buy good things, they last.”

I agree. I’ve written about lovingly using my grandmother’s hand-me-down Royal Worcester egg coddlers before, and truly believe that I get more satisfaction out of eating dinner on my Wedgwood Countryside dish set than off the plain white Ikea dishes I have for dinner party backup, which I jokingly call the “dishes for drunks.” For me, eating off of plates that are beautiful makes me feel like the food is special, even on weeknights when dining may be rushed and the meal might be a grilled cheese.

For more, here’s the report from CBS News:

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