Heaven Is a Fresh Sardine

If you’re lucky enough to get hold of fresh sardines, prepare them simply, either whole or in fillets, for an exquisite treat say Chowhounds. Gio dredges them in seasoned flour and pan-fries them in olive oil, then serves with a squeeze of lemon, while Joebob breads and deep fries them. Others grill them for a few moments before sprinkling on salt, pepper, and olive oil, which can be enlivened with a bit of smashed garlic.

alanbarnes “cooks” fresh sardines or anchovies in vinegar: Cover the fish in white wine vinegar and let stand for 4 hours or so. Rinse, sprinkle with garlic, parsley, and chile flakes, cover with olive oil, and let stand for another 2 hours or so. Serve on crusty bread.

Fresh sardines can be hard to find, but are sometimes available in Greek, Portuguese, or Spanish fish shops, according to porker.

Board Link: Fresh sardine, herring, other sustainable small fish. Recipes needed.

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