You know that dish you always have to make, because it’s your special dish? And you make it better than anyone? For gaffk, it’s deviled eggs. “For every holiday and celebration, I am expected to make the deviled eggs,” says gaffk. “Funny thing is, I don’t even like deviled eggs—I eschew all things with mayo.”

For Antonio Montana, it’s crab dip. “Made the mistake of making this for my ex girlfriend’s housewarming party and now for the past 5 years, I am constantly harassed to make it for any kind of gathering,” he says. “I finally got tired of it, and printed out recipes for those who asked about it. Want crab dip? Make it yourself!!”

For AussieBeth, it was sausage rolls. “I have been greeted at a door of a party with ‘here are the sausage rolls’ rather than ‘Hi Beth,'” she says. But she came up with a solution. “A few years ago I got so tired of making them for every single thing I was invited to that I proclaimed a ‘sausage roll moratorium’—I did not make them for a year,” says AussieBeth. “During this time, I happily contributed other offerings to events where the host/ess accepted my offer for a contribution—which was lovely, because I could actually make things I thought were even yummier than the previously ubiquitous sausage rolls. When the moratorium ended, people were much more open to having me bring other things, though everyone was pleased to have their first post moratorium sausage roll! I think people are a little less demanding now because they are frightened of another moratorium being declared,” she says.

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