If your New Year’s resolutions include drinking more tea (or tisanes, herbal infusions that don’t contain tea leaves), kare_raisu recommends Tadin Canelita Tea, an infusion of cinnamon and rosehips that’s naturally sweet. “I use it to cut my mate sometimes but straight it’s equally delicious,” says kare_raisu.

For flavored tea, alixium likes Kusmi Tea, especially the mint and “Anastasia” flavors. “You just have to be careful not to steep for too long or else the flavours are overpowering,” says alixium. Val likes Traditional Medicinals Ginger Aid for its spicy rush; “so spicy that it opens up your sinuses and I always feel better afterwards,” says Val.

cresyd likes “the sharp tang of good hibiscus tea,” especially an Egyptian brand called Isis, while Gingerleen loves Celestial Seasonings Madagascar Vanilla Red. “Very smooth with a natural mild sweetness,” she says. And Melanie is not ashamed to admit that she enjoys a cup of Constant Comment in the morning.

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Tadin Canelita (cinnamon) Tea

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