Galaxy Cookies, a Connecticut bakery with a cookies-by-mail service, offers a standard range of flavors: chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter, and the like. They’re unsurprising, says Jim Leff. You can taste the high-quality ingredients, but they’re not at all fussy. So what makes them special? “The baker has an uncanny touch,” says Jim Leff. “It’s funny how simple, innately tasty things like cookies can go from being mindlessly yummy to being startlingly good, even inspirational, when simple ingredients come into a really, really, precise and canny balance.”

At up to $24 a pound (for 14 cookies), they’re pricey but worth it. “Things just snap into focus and you realize you’re eating something remarkable; you internally resonate with the sensibility and care level of the chef,” says Jim Leff. “And these cookies are all like that.”

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