Fresh lychees are great eaten out of hand, but here are some other things to do with them.

Pop whole unpeeled lychees into zipper-top freezer bags and freeze them. They stay fresh tasting and juicy for months, and each piece, when peeled, is like a burst of lychee sorbet, says Fleur.

Pitted fresh lychees are excellent added to a cold custard (fya-dub).

A recipe for lychee granita (courtesty of bolletje):

About 1 lb. lychees, shelled and seeded
1 cup water
3/4 cup sugar
juice of one lemon

Boil water and sugar for 2 minutes to make simple syrup. Blend syrup, lychees and lemon juice in a blender, then strain through a mesh seive and let mixture cool in the fridge. Put it in a shallow pan in the freezer, stirring with a fork to break up ice crystals every 20 minutes or so (more frequently as it freezes more), until it reaches the texture of coarse shaved ice. Champagne and elderflower syrup make good additions.

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