The Market Basket chain of stores is a local legend due to its fantastic specials and interesting, often ethnic products. Ever since it opened last year, the Chelsea Market Basket has been the one to beat. But there’s a new Burlington Market Basket, up the street from its old location, in the enormous building that used to be the Expo Design Center.

So how does the new market compare? It’s big, almost as large as the Chelsea store. “The produce section alone is about a quarter the size of the old store,” says sablemerle. PinchOfSalt says the new store is a cross between the Reading and Chelsea stores. “Take Reading and add more ethnic items. They do not have a Goya aisle like in Chelsea, nor do they have Cinco do Mayo tortillas warm from the factory, but they do have an interesting expanded Latino selection.”

The selection of Asian products is particularly robust, with hard-to-find ingredients like dried cloud ears and udon soup packs with fresh noodles. The fish counter has nice specials, like $4.99-a-pound lobsters, and prewrapped fresh fish, including whole fish and fish heads.

The bakery at the new store is just OK—most hounds agree that baking is not Market Basket’s forte. But from all accounts, the raisin pecan bread is fantastic, particularly toasted with butter.

Market Basket [North of Boston]
47 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington

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