Will Owen thinks the dry-cured smoked pork products from the American South are pretty much the best in the known universe. But he’s found a source in Los Angeles that’s eerily close: the slab bacon at Schreiner’s, a German deli in Montrose. “After having worked my way through most of the not-quite-two-pound chunk I bought last week … I have to say that for both breakfast duty and as a recipe ingredient this stuff has no local match.”

Schreiner’s has a little of everything: some German groceries and wine, and a little sandwich counter. “Step on over to their sandwich counter and order up a knackwurst sandwich and experience knackwurst heaven,” says mrshankly. They make their own sausage, which is uniformly delicious, says justanotherpenguin. condiment likes the smoked pork chops even more than the bacon.

Schreiner’s sends some of its products to the Irvine farmers’ market on Saturday mornings and the South Pasadena farmers’ market on Thursday nights.

Schreiner’s Fine Sausages [San Fernando Valley–East]
3417 Ocean View Boulevard, Glendale

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