Gale’s gets good marks for food, bad marks for noise. The beet salad with roasted golden and red beets, goat cheese, candied pecans, and arugula is “as good as that stuff gets,” says Will Owen. Potato gnocchi in porchetta ragu is delicious, with diced pieces of meltingly tender pork in a rich, flavorful sauce, says Will.

But the noise is brutal. Sometimes, the place is quiet and perfect. But on the Tuesday night Will Owen showed up, the noise level almost forced him out the door. “This is nothing trivial from a gustatory standpoint: I had the rest of my gnocchi today for lunch, nuked in a glass bowl, and although the meat got a little tough I was tasting shades and colors of flavor that I wasn’t tasting last night, because now I was calm and nobody was shouting.”

But there is good news: Gale’s is expanding soon, and this might solve the noise problem. Until then, Jack Flash has some advice: The main dining room is where the noise problem is at. Ask to be seated in the smaller back room. It’s not perfectly quiet, but it’s significantly better.

Gale’s Restaurant [San Gabriel Valley]
452 S. Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena

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