Reports are filtering in on the new Franklin Southie. Food4Thought loves the new location, which is much bigger than the Franklin Café, with two or three times as many tables. Food4Thought had a Station 6 cocktail (vodka and pickle brine, with an olive, a grape tomato, and a cornichon as garnishes), as well as a “relax” margarita that came with a salt foam.

Food4Thought appreciated the short ribs, “very tender,” and the pan-smoked mussels, served with drawn butter like lobster instead of the more typical broth-y presentation. The mussels were “plump and sweet” with a smoky flavor. Other nice touches: A carafe of water with lemon slices was left on the table, along with focaccia, bean spread, and salt and pepper shakers. “These seem to be disappearing in many Boston restaurants and it’s kinda a pet peeve of mine,” says Food4Thought.

The vitello tonnato appetizer, a split plate with raw tuna and capers on one side and medallions of grilled veal on the other, is a bit controversial. Food4Thought thought it was good, and Devout Sal calls it “a classic Franklin-type dish,” but Wursthof says the tuna was “woefully flavorless and underseasoned” and the veal “might as well have been shoeleather because that’s what it tasted like.”

Parking can be a problem in the neighborhood; walk or take public transportation if you can.

Franklin Southie [South Boston]
152 Dorchester Avenue, South Boston

Franklin Café [South End]
278 Shawmut Avenue, Boston

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