There’s nothing wrong with kitchen appliances as they stand: The stove, great; the fridge, very useful; the toaster, fine; the microwave … but how about a counter-based appliance that actually produces beer?

The NanoBrewMaster Home Brew Station, as described over at the CNET blogs, is the most wondrously powerful piece of kitchen-counter-housed equipment you’ll probably never own. (For starters, it’s not yet available to be priced, let alone bought.) But here’s the breakdown as things stand:

“From sterilization on through to beer at the tap, the brewing of beer is handled automatically by the onboard computer system. In addition to self-cleaning, the system also recognizes when to heat and when to cool, insuring that a cool, refreshing home brew is waiting for you at the other end of the tap. Two 7.5-gallon containers allow for up to 15 gallons of beer per brewing cycle.”

Now all we need is an in-counter cheesemaking station and a permanent, self-cleaning fondue island, and we’re ready to survive winter.

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