Tamale Time Is Running Out

“The cranberry tamal is probably one of the best tamal dulce that I’ve had,” says rworange of Tacubaya, which seems to be rotating its tamal menu: The dulce used to be raisin, the online menu lists pineapple, and now there’s cranberry. The cranberry filling has a touch of spice; the masa is light and moist, drizzled with not-too-sweet cajeta (caramelized milk) that sets it all off perfectly.

Mi Fiesta, which sells at farmers’ markets in Napa, has a tempting array of sweet holiday tamales: strawberries and cream, coconut-pineapple, and cinnamon-raisin. Coconut-pineapple is several cuts above the usual pineapple-flavored hunk o’ masa, says rworange, with big chunks of fruit and shredded coconut throughout. If you reheat at home, steam them rather than microwaving—it makes all the difference.

Tacubaya [East Bay]
1788 Fourth Street, Berkeley

Mi Fiesta Catering Company [Napa]
2827 Laurel Street, Napa

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