“Well, the Chinese micro cuisine fad in Los Angeles marches on past lamb skewers and New Territories village food on to bamboo stick noodles,” says Chandvakl, who talks up Bamboodles.

“No, the noodles aren’t made out of bamboo,” explains Chandvakl. “Rather the master noodle maker in the window takes a bamboo pole bigger than a 2×4, puts one part of the pole on the dough and leaves a half of the pole dangling over the edge of the table. He then straddles one leg over the pole, then hops up and down on his other leg. I don’t know what the chemistry or physics of this process may be, but it does make for interesting theater and delicious noodles.”

Bamboo-stick-made zha jiang mein are quite good. They are thin, but with the springiness of thick noodles.

Bamboodles [San Gabriel Valley]
535 W. Valley Boulevard, San Gabriel

Board Link: Bamboo Stick Noodles at Bamboodles in San Gabriel

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