Pho Hut satisfies the Glendale locals. “I was totally impressed with this place,” says RaeRenee. “I love Pho Hut,” agrees gado_gado, “I go at least once a week.” nhamano goes weekly, too. “It just used to be two of us. But now there are at least five of us every week that go.”

The pho ga—Vietnamese chicken soup—is spectacular, says RaeRenee. The broth is rich and flavorful. “My friend, who is Vietnamese, got a type of pho with beef and tripe and meatballs, and she said that it was the best pho with tripe that she’d had since her grandmother passed,” adds RaeRenee.

Bun—a bowl of vermicelli with toppings—is gado_gado’s preferred order. His favorite is bún tôm thit nuong cha gio, vermicelli topped with shrimp, pork, and egg rolls.

The place compares quite favorably to San Gabriel’s Pho 79, says kchangambrose.

A regular bowl of pho is $6.50. The place is small, about 14 tables, but it’s worth the wait, says nhamano.

Pho Hut [San Fernando Valley–East]
312 N. Brand Boulevard, Glendale

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