Once you’ve spent good money on vanilla beans, you want them to stay nice and fresh. This is especially true if you buy in quantity, and hounds who buy in bulk to save money have storage tips. Several store vanilla beans in vacuum-sealed bags, resealing the bags after they remove beans for use. morwen uses the inexpensive Reynolds Handi-Vac, and says her beans are “still soft, sticky, and fragrant after nearly a year.” Candy keeps hers in a French canning jar with a rubber gasket and says the beans stay soft indefinitely.

Vanilla beans can add nuance to common sweeteners. HaagenDazs sticks a bean or two in a jar of sugar to make vanilla sugar; scubadoo97 makes vanilla sugar with the empty pods after they’ve been scraped. morwen makes vanilla-flavored honey by slightly warming some honey, pouring it in a jar, and adding split vanilla beans.

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