Upscale Bina Osteria is open in the Boston Common Residences at the Ritz-Carlton Towers and is getting wildly mixed reviews. LifeisGood58 had a terrible time her first visit, saying both food and service were awful. The chicken in the chicken marsala tasted processed and the beet salad was flavorless. And to top it all off, the plates were minuscule yet pricey.

Blumie strenuously disagreed, stating that “In terms of portion size and price, I feel like we’ve been through this when Clio first opened, and fortunately Clio lovers have discovered that enjoying a wonderful meal does not mean having to engorge oneself.” Blumie also liked the suckling pig and the spaghetti carbonara, much-praised dishes by other hounds. “My friends and I wanted to roll around inside the carbonara bowl. it was one of the best dishes I’ve ever had in Boston,” says hotoynoodle, while avial had love for the suckling pig presentation, “a pressed square of suckling pig pulled pork style with a perfect square of crisp skin on top. The meat was tender and oozed that fatty pork flavor that I’m sure many of us have come to crave. The skin was crispy and crunchy, perfectly done with just enough of a minuscule layer of fat on the underside to give it quintessential porky flavor.”

hotoynoodle also drooled over the “pig butter,” rendered fat from the suckling pig mixed with fruity olive oil and brought to the table to spread on crusty bread. “Heaven,” says hotoynoodle.

Finally, DowntownChick recommends Bina’s Bloody Marys, made tableside from your choice of various vodkas, salts, and garnishes like olives and pickled green beans.

Bina Osteria [Chinatown]
581 Washington Street, Boston

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