Although its ambitious alter ego, the Mission Street Food truck, is no more, Antojitos San Miguel is a great place for a Guatemalan snack, says Melanie Wong. The Guatemalan tamal, made with silky-smooth strained masa, is infused with chickeny goodness—made by Mom, said the young man running the truck, which is operated by San Miguel restaurant. The filling itself is boneless, skinless chicken, olives, and a strip of sweet red pepper; the whole thing comes napped in a mild tomato sauce.

The beans are the best in the Mission, raves sarahmilne: “black, cooked into nearly pureed submission, and have a meaty depth that allows them to stand on their own as a perfectly legitimate meal.”

cupcake7, who is Guatemalan, agrees with the praise: “It reminds me of the food my mom makes.”

The truck can be kind of elusive. It’s usually at 16th and Mission, but Melanie caught it on a Sunday night at 21st and Mission. It’s also been spotted in front of its parent restaurant. Thursday is its night off.

Antojitos San Miguel [Mission]
16th and Mission Streets, San Francisco
No phone available

San Miguel [Mission]
3263 Mission Street, San Francisco

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