The line for this year’s annual grocery giveaway at San Francisco’s Glide Memorial United Methodist Church wrapped around the block twice over reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Apparently it was “longer than anyone could remember.”

People waited for a grocery bag containing stuff like a chicken (or turkey for the first thousand), a bag of pinto beans, and cans of fruit and vegetables.

Two friends in line, John Sorensen and Danny Holliday, told the Chronicle:

“‘Times are tougher than ever,’ said Sorensen, an unemployed construction worker. ‘I used to be able to find some kind of work. Not now.’ Holliday, an out-of-work waiter, said standing in line for free groceries ‘is kind of a new thing to me.’

“‘I’m broke all the time right now,’ he said. ‘So this really helps.’”

Last month, USA Today reported on the increased demand that food banks were facing in light of the economy. Vicki Escarra, a spokesperson from the nation’s largest hunger-relief charity, Feeding America, told the newspaper that demand has grown 25 to 40 percent, while donations were only up about 18 percent.

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