Since the untimely death of Privus, the Boston area has been deprived of crispity, crunchity “bonchon” (Korean fried chicken), and it appears the months-long scuttlebutt that the former Privus owners are trying again is actually true.

The newly opened BonChon is “Privus minus the skeezy bar part,” says ballifimac. “They still deliver. The chicken is still the best in 100 miles.”

Word has gotten out fast, and multiple hounds say crowds are gathering. “The wife and I stopped by tonight at about 6 and the place was hopping,” says kimfair1. “We got the last two seats at the sushi bar, had some very nice sushi, and some hot and spicy Bon Chon wings. They’re back and just like you remember them! I did notice that in addition to the wings and drumsticks that Privus offered, they also had chicken strips.”

The same owners are working on opening up another joint, Bull BBQ, which will reputedly also offer bonchon.

BonChon [Allston]
123 Brighton Avenue, Boston

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Bon chon

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