Fordee’s Grill is an unassuming falafel joint in Watertown that serves up excellent falafel, cooked flat in a puck instead of “Israeli ping pong balls,” as newhound puts it. The magic lies in the combination of falafel, tahini-based hot sauce, and pickled turnips. Each on their own is moderately good. Together, they are bliss.

“I have indeed drunk the Kool-Aid—a delicious falafel and pickled turnip sandwich flavored Kool-Aid,” says nsenada. “I actually went there a couple weeks back and had a falafel sandwich, and a chicken shwarma, and thought they were both excellent.”

The sweet owner will add extra pickled turnips to your order if you request them. Request them.

Fordee’s Grill [MetroWest]
555 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown

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